The Inner Tempo Duo is a collaboration project between dancer Iana Komarnytska and musician and visual artist Pedro Bonatto, where they create performances, recordings, video and art works exploring relationships between percussion and dance, inspired by a variety of cultures from around the world.

After working together in 2014 in a traditional Arabic drum solo performance, the duo decided to start a collaboration exploring their love for music and dance from the Middle East and Central Asia, present in their own individual artistic practices. 

The project presents contemporary dance pieces set to live percussion and inspired by a personal journey through traditions of Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan, aiming at finding common threads in the movement vocabulary and musical structures of dance styles from these regions. 

Through structured improvisations and composed pieces set to choreographic dances, the goal is to enhance the collaboration between dancer and musician beyond traditional molds, where the dancer can be an integral part in the process of music making, influencing the emotional and physical response to the rhythmic patterns of different dance cultures. 

Drummer Pedro Bonatto & Dancer Iana Komarnytska

The Inner Tempo Duo has performed in Canada, Brazil, Germany, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Cyprus, and the duo has created a number of interdisciplinary works in music, dance, photography and video, as well as educational content aiming at popularizing their love and knowledge of dance and music to a variety of communities. In 2015, Pedro released the album ‘Drum Solo Serenade’ featuring a number of pieces created specifically for Iana.

In 2017, as an effect and extension of their percussion and dance collaborations, Iana and Pedro founded the Blue Dot Ensemble, a world music and dance group exploring the connections between cultures from around the world with six other musicians and frequent guest performers. The work with the ensemble has strengthened the artistic possibilities of the Inner Tempo Duo through the study of other musical traditions, including Balkan and Eastern European rhythms, which have been incorporated in their new performances.

Currently, the Inner Tempo duo is working on a new show combining elements of music and dance in the context of an installation art which will be interactive with the audience, influenced by contemporary and traditional practices.